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Constant unhappiness to the point of being non- (or hardly) functioning is what defines depression. The Depression Therapeutic Group at Unity Place can do wonders to help clients feel more positive, energetic, functioning, and on the road to full recovery.

Trauma Recovery

For clients to work through the trauma of their abuse by learning various cognitive methods

Mind And Body

To better equip the client for dealing with behavioral health problems arising from personal and social stressors. Through yoga, clients explore different types of complementary mind-body health approaches that they incorporate into their daily lives.


“Pre-vocational services” encompass interventions, strategies and activities in a partial care program that assist individuals to adopt basic work behavior, attitudes and skills. These qualities are needed for clients to become workers. They also will help the individual in such areas as decision-making, negotiating needs, interpersonal issues, managing psychiatric symptoms and adherence to medication schedules.


Educate the client on the wellness and recovery model. Recovery strategies, goal setting and different mental illnesses will be explored. Clients will be educated on psychotropic medication and the importance of using medications effectively. Clients will also explore the stress vulnerability model and coping skills needed to work towards recovery. Clients will also become aware of how to get their needs met within the mental health system.

Grief & Loss

To reduce the occurrence and intensity of interference of symptoms related to grief. To give clients an open forum to discuss with peers their grief issues.


At Unity, our goal is to provide a therapeutic environment where each client can learn how to successfully handle life’s challenges.

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