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Addiction Education

Addiction is when a person has intense craving for the pleasure brought about by something and loses control just to obtain and consume that something (even after knowing the adverse consequences involved). At Unity Place, we believe that clients can overcome drug addiction, and that full recovery is possible.

Anger Management

Anger is often the result of being frustrated or feeling powerless against a situation or person. When constant uncontrolled anger gets in the way of normal living – affecting relationships, work, and overall well-being – anger management can help. It aims to help clients understand the reasons for chronic anger, and how to express it in a healthier way that won’t harm them and others.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) works with the premise that “what you think and do affects the way you feel”. CBT is all about discovering what keeps individuals from getting stuck in a cycle, and changing ways in your thinking to improve the way you are feeling.

Client Council

Unity Place strives to provide a voice to clients so they can be an active part of our health and social care services every step of the way. Our client council serves to encourage involvement, participation, and feedback to pave the way for better communication and service.

Coping & Stress Management

Stress has become such a fixture of modern life that many people complain about its effects on both their mental and physical health. Our experienced health professionals can help clients cope with and manage stress using a variety of therapies and treatments.

Emotions Regulation

The Emotions Regulation service at Unity Place is centered on behavioral intervention. The aim is for clients to learn to identify, be mindful, and describe their emotions at any level of intensity, so that they can manage them for better decision-making.  

Roadblocks to Recovery

Relapse is common among recently recovered addicts because there are many roadblocks preventing them from maintaining sobriety. These roadblocks could be untreated or misdiagnosed mental illness, the lack of a good support system, or even living in an environment susceptible to relapse and further addiction. The aim of this program is to recognize, understand, and overcome these obstacles that clients face daily in order to overcome them.

Self Esteem

Low self-esteem can be the result of a variety of things such as depression, anxiety, bullying, or abuse. Unity Place is proud to have professional staff and therapists to assist clients on building a healthy view of self and others in order to raise their self-worth, while taking into consideration their individual journeys so that therapy can be personalized and more effective.

Symptoms Recognition

Learning to recognize the symptoms of a group of disorders, including major depressive, bipolar, substance-induced mood, and mood disorders is key to getting the proper diagnosis and treatment for the client. Importance factors such as risk factors, prevalence, family history, and others are taken into careful consideration.

Life Skills

Helping clients achieve basic life skills, confidence, independence, and social skills to resist substance abuse are some of the aims of the Life Skills training. Clients are encouraged to provide feedback during the training for a more effective communication and better skills development.

Medication Education

The safe and responsible use of medication is the motivation behind Medication Education. Unity Place wants clients to be more informed about different kinds of drugs, medication, and alternative therapies.


At Unity Place, clients and therapists work together to develop meaningful goals, and use motivation as a key element in the therapeutic process. Our mission is to reinforce mindfulness, promote motivation, to help attain life goals.

Peer Support

Signing up for peer support group at Unity Place will have clients develop greater empathy and respect for others while raising their self-confidence and self-esteem. In the process, it inspires recovery while helping them be ready for community integration.

Physiology of Addiction

The rationale behind addiction is that it is not a character flaw, and that the first step to treating it is recognizing it. With addiction, there are resulting compulsive behaviors despite the negative consequences.

Psych Ed Symptom Identification

Educate the client on various aspects of mental illness, such as the physiology and symptoms of mental disorders, the characteristics of a multi-axial diagnosis, psychotropic medication and the treatment for mental illness.

Relapse Prevention

Addiction is an uphill battle and keeping sober isn’t a walk in the park. At Unity Place, relapse prevention is all about cognitive behavior therapy so that clients can be aware and understand their chances for relapse. The aims are maintaining sobriety and reducing relapses significantly.

Relationships and Boundaries

Increase client’s ability to confidently function in family, social and work relationships, strengthen communication and listening skills, and sharpen client’s awareness of unhealthy relationships.

Co-Occurring Groups

A co-occurring disorder includes substance abuse disorder (whether alcohol or drugs) combined with mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD. With comprehensive care, the co-occurring services at Unity Place help clients recover from both disorders at the same time before the symptoms worsen.    

Individual Case Management

The goal of this program is to customize the level of care a client needs to recover and enhance their quality of life using a holistic approach. The health professionals at Unity Place aim to establish a therapeutic relationship with our clients for care coordination.


At Unity, our goal is to provide a therapeutic environment where each client can learn how to successfully handle life’s challenges.

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