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Unity clients set out vision for a positive 2019

December 28, 2018 by Daniel Meara0

Unity Place of Monmouth County’s counselors do everything they can to instill self-worth in the clients they are treating for mental health issues or substance misuse. Unity counselors understand how critical it is t for clients to believe in themselves, essential to stable recovery. Setting a goal and figuring out for oneself how to achieve that goal sets Unity clients on the path to well-being. With that in mind, the Unity Staff are having some clients create a vision board for the coming year.

The aim of the vision board is to help clients first of all to identify what is most important to them  – work, education, health, relationships – and determine the steps they need to take to fulfill their goals.

Visualization is a proven means of turning an aspiration into a reality.  To visualize one’s own future reinforces a sense of responsibility for that future, a future that is positive and healthy and of one’s own making.  Clients, seeing themselves pursuing a goal they have defined, do more than survive in recovery, they thrive in recovery.

Using a vision board, the Unity staff helps clients understand the power of choice. The elements used to create a vision board may include

  •  Newspaper cutouts
  • Magazine cutouts
  • Images/Quotes printed from the internet
  • Your Pinterest board
  • Photographs
  • Pages from a book
  • Brochures/pamphlets/flyers

Once completed, the vision board is placed in a prominent space in the client’s home or place of employment, wherever he or she will see it regularly and absorb its concrete steps for success. The images on the board keep the clients centered on where they want to go and how to get there.

The staff of Unity Place know how well visualizing works. For many years, the images on their own vision boards have featured clients leading lives full of purpose and joy.


At Unity, our goal is to provide a therapeutic environment where each client can learn how to successfully handle life’s challenges.

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