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Unity Place counselors post messages for MH Awareness Month

The counselors of Unity Place of Monmouth certainly miss their clients, something that is amplified by the fact that May is Mental Health Awareness Month. They decided to post some messages containing good mental health practices and words of encouragement to help see clients through the challenges presented by the coronavirus.

Program Director Lorriaine Laura posted a reminder to clients that “lots of love gets us through anything.” Lorraine lavishes love on Unity’s clients, and when clients are able to return to on-site counseling, they know they can expect a hug from her.

Assistant Director Donna Frances had an in-depth posting that emphasized the importance of daily routine. She provided a thorough list of activities and ideas to help clients fill their days. Donna’s list of daily structure to nourish mental health include waking and going to bed at similar times, eating well, regular exercise, and making time for hobbies and activities the client enjoys.

Donna encouraged clients to stay in touch with others (via Zoom, Google Meets, etc.), and to help others whenever possible instead of focusing on oneself. She also urged clients to minimize time on newsfeeds that will only add to anxiety at time when stress is not in short supply. And she impressed on substance clients to continue to take their medications as prescribed.

Outreach Supervisor Jamie Paris in her posting wrote that clients should prioritize their mental health.

One of the counselors reminded clients that health is about how they think and feel, not just about how they are doing physically. Another posting by a counselor advised clients to “seek out the small joys every day,” something to keep in mind coronavirus or not


At Unity, our goal is to provide a therapeutic environment where each client can learn how to successfully handle life’s challenges.

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